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Guide to finding start of walk


If you are new to the Group or not particularly familiar with Suffolk, then you may sometimes wonder how to get to the starting place for a walk. Whilst we try to give directions in the programme, due to the shortage of space, these cannot always be as detailed as one would like.

However, there are two ways to find help.

One is to look at the Ordnance Survey Explorer map, the number of which is given as part of the walk detail and check out the grid reference. As an example, if the grid is shown as Expl.196/025 421 you would need Explorer map number 196.

The first 3 numbers (Eastings) refer to the scale along the bottom or top of the map and the last 3 numbers (Northings) to the scale on either side.

To find the start point, locate the vertical grid line corresponding to 02 on the horizontal scale. The third number tells you that the start point lies on an imaginary vertical line 5/10ths of a square to the right of this gridline i.e. roughly halfway across.

Next locate the horizontal grid line, in this case corresponding to 42 on the vertical scale. The start point lies on an imaginary line 1/10th of a square above this grid line.

The start point lies at the intersection of these 2 imaginary lines. In this example you would arrive at Toppesfield Bridge in Hadleigh. Try it yourself and see how easy it is.

The second way is through the internet. Go to www.ramblers.org.uk, this takes you to the main website. Click on the Group walks finder box, scroll down and click on to old map search (in blue print); scroll down to search details and type in Ipswich; click on Go and you will find walks listed down the right hand side; choose the one you want and click on it; full details will appear and if you then scroll down the page you will get a detailed map of the start location which can be printed off.


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